Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Set a robust CRM roadmap and assure a higher and faster ROI to optimize business value


Double the sales, reinforce marketing, and enhance customer service with Dynamics 365 CRM

Infusion provides a comprehensive portfolio of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM services to assist enterprises in unleashing the power of excellent customer service and driving extraordinary sales productivity.

We can assist your sales force manage, automate, and synchronize business operations to identify, attract, and win new clients, in addition to maintaining those you already have, based on our experience and skill in effectively implementing Dynamics CRM solutions for clients globally.

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Our Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services

Business Consulting, Advisory, and Planning

Utilize resource expertise with in-depth subject knowledge and demonstrated project management skills to assist in the planning, architecture, integration, and administration of world-class solutions.

Full Cycle Implementation

Implement the latest version of Dynamics 365 CRM successfully by using pre-built industry models at the vertical and micro-vertical levels.

Customization, Technical Advisory and Application Integration

Integrate CRM with your unique organization to host comprehensive and accurate data from your company software to get a complete view of your business and manage clients easily.

Dynamics CRM Migration, Upgrade, and Optimization

Use a single partner to provide a comprehensive array of services such as system updates, bespoke improvements, migration, and optimization.

Support and Maintenance

To effectively handle issues, maximize support services such as system upgrades, custom additions, and system maintenance.

License Optimization and Negotiation

Make effective changes to current licenses and allow constructive agreements to maximize value.

What does a CRM do?

Manage, track, and store information related to potential customers using a centralized, data-driven software solution.

Fast forward to today. CRM systems automatically collect a wealth of information about existing and prospective customers. This data includes email addresses, phone numbers, company websites, social media posts, purchase histories, and service and support tickets. The system next integrates the data and generates consolidated profiles to be shared with appropriate teams.

CRM systems also connect with other business tools, including online chat and document-sharing apps. In addition, they have built-in business intelligence and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities that accelerate administrative tasks and provide actionable insights.

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