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A quick overview of the Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform is a comprehensive set of programmes for automating processes, building solutions, analyzing data, and creating virtual agents. This blog and video presents the Power Platform’s many components, examines how to harness the power of data, and the impact these solutions have when connected with other Microsoft technologies. This vision inspired the Power Platform, understanding that companies all around the world are dealing with an ever-increasing flood of data. Power Platform is based on the premise that enterprises can leverage data and insights to drive intelligent business processes.

Power Platform consists of four main components:

  • Power BI is a business analytics tool
  • Power Apps is an app development for low- or no-code apps
  • Power Automate (formerly known as Flow) enables process automation
  • Power Virtual Agents are intelligent virtual bots.


Data is connected via over 275 distinct data connectors that are incorporated into the Power Platform. Then you can take it a step further by including logic and building AI on top of it using artificial intelligence (AI). The data for all Microsoft solutions is hosted in Microsoft Dataverse (previously known as Common Data Service), and the data warehouse is located there. Because all data is stored in one central data repository, it is available from any application.

Power Bi

Power BI displays interactive real-time dashboards and provides insights for the information you're looking for in a single pane of glass. With Power BI, you can receive insight regardless of where your data resides, thus the goal is to link and consolidate that data to provide you a more complete picture of your organization. The data from the live interactive real-time dashboards may be used to generate smart insights, which can then be used to drive actions and make educated decisions.

Power apps

Power Apps is the concept of creating applications that do not require months of development time. Power Apps allows customers to create no-code as well as very low-code applications. There is relatively little coding involved in creating a sophisticated intelligent type of application that includes your business logic. These applications, as well as the other Power Platform solutions, can be utilized on a variety of devices, including your Android phone or iOS operating system, your laptop, tablet, desktop, on the web, and wherever else you go online.

Power automate

Power Automate, formerly known as Microsoft Flow, provides process automation to eliminate rudimentary manual activities and the potential for manual errors. Power Automate is a robust workflow automation solution that allows you to link different systems and transform data. There is just one source of truth, and you can work across multiple Microsoft platforms. Power Automate enables you to automate and build business processes across your apps and previously deployed services.

Power Virtual Agents

Power Virtual Agents are intelligent virtual bots that can converse and accomplish a lot of the work that you would normally have to do manually or hire someone else to do by employing an online robot. For additional details, see our What is Power Virtual Agents recorded webinar.


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Power BI is the self-service business analytics tool provided by Microsoft. This is considered a part of the Microsoft Power Platform together with the other tools in the bundle. Power BI has a few offerings starting from the Desktop version to the Power BI Service which is hosted on the cloud. It is usually used to connect to a wide range of data, by designing interactive reports, dashboards, or stories which are supported by compelling visualizations.

Power BI Desktop is available for free download from the Microsoft Store and you can download the application on any Windows machine. At present, Power BI is not available for any other operating systems other than Windows. There is also a mobile application for Power BI, which can be installed on Android and iOS devices. This mobile app is used to visualize reports in a native mobile format rather than the specified desktop view.

Power BI enables the user to connect to several heterogeneous data sources and fetch the relevant data into the Power BI data model. Once the data is within Power BI, the users can modify, shape and transform this data according to the reporting needs. This transformed data can be then visualized in the form of graphs and charts to get insights upon. These visualizations can be used to support various scenarios like storytelling, what-if analyses, forecasts, and other predictions, etc.

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