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Our High-End Security Services

As a software vendor by definition, SAP solutions may include sensitive corporate and personal data that needs to be protected from unauthorized access and preserved in accordance with a number of privacy and security rules.

Since security is a top priority, SAP has created a comprehensive set of best practices and apps to guarantee that data is safe and only accessible by authorized users. Additionally, SAP offers a few front-facing capabilities that end users can employ to complete their regular duties and transactions.

Segregation of duties, access control, cryptography, user management, data locking, multiple authorization roles, logging, user authentication, development testing like ABAP debugging, field masking, UI logging, SSO, SSL, and SAML are just a few of the security concepts that SAP uses across its range of products.

Additionally, SAP promotes the use of complicated passwords, offers vulnerability and penetration testing, several encryption kinds, and monitoring. Oracle, Microsoft SQL, and SAP HANA are just a few of the distinct databases that SAP provides a wide range of security choices for.

Every second Tuesday of the month, SAP issues security updates for its products to address any newly discovered vulnerabilities.

Security Solutions

we protect your company's data and systems.


⦿ Authentication and user management
⦿ Authorization
⦿ Encryption
⦿ Anonymization
⦿ Masking
⦿ Auditing

SAP product security guides

SAP provides various security guides with security-relevant information that apply to SAP products and services to assist you in securing your systems. A holistic security framework, on-premise and in the cloud

SAP Single Sign-On

Offer your users a better experience, secure your data, lower help desk costs, and implement reliable, efficient encryption for all communication between client and server systems by using the SAP Single Sign-On application.

⦿ On-premise deployment
⦿ Simple and secure user access
⦿ Secure data communication
⦿ Advanced security capabilities

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