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We help global brands design and build superior digital products, enabling seamless user experiences across all modern platforms and devices.


Our High-End WebApp Development Services

Web app development services aid in the design, development, and evolution of web-based software. With over 1,900 online projects completed, Infusion is a business you can rely on for the development of impactful, efficient, and user-friendly corporate and customer-facing web apps, web portals, XaaS solutions, and more.

By collaborating with Infusion, you can increase user base growth, open up new digital channels, increase conversion six-fold, and achieve other lucrative business milestones.

When designing a website, set and forget is not the best technique because client expectations are high and competition is intense. You only have a few seconds to capture the attention of users and acquire a competitive advantage. If you don’t want potential customers to leave your website and raise your sales, it’s essential to ensure your website provides a wonderful user experience.

Keep in mind that your website is an essential component of your organization. It should match your brand’s aesthetic while also encouraging your target audience to trust your company. Our custom web design services are the result of a team effort. We collaborate closely with prospective clients like you to ensure that the site accurately portrays your business. With the assistance of our professional website builders, you can provide your visitors with a genuinely immersive digital experience.

Web application development enables web-based projects to function similarly to mobile phone applications. Web applications engage users by favoring responsive interactions, yet they are still supplied across a network over the Internet.

Web application development might be considered the child of web development. While web development and web application development are comparable, web application development is more dynamic by definition than traditional web development.


Types of Web Solutions We Develop

Enterprise web apps

⦿ Project & task management systems
⦿ PLM, PIM software
⦿ Collaboration software & intranets
⦿ Financial management systems
⦿ Document management systems
⦿ Learning management systems
⦿ Knowledge management systems
⦿ Custom enterprise web apps

Web portals

⦿ Self-service portals
⦿ Customer portals
⦿ Vendor portals
⦿ Partner portals
⦿ Patient portals
⦿ Employee portals
⦿ eLearning portals
⦿ Government portals
⦿ Community portals

Customer-facing apps

⦿ Customer service apps (including call center & self-service)
⦿ Customer portals
⦿ Ecommerce web apps
⦿ Advertising & digital signage apps
⦿ Online banking, lending, and payment software
⦿ Chatbots

Supply chain management web apps

⦿ Inventory management software
⦿ Asset management systems
⦿ Fleet management apps
⦿ Order management apps
⦿ Warehouse management systems
⦿ Vendor management systems
⦿ Delivery management software

Online services

⦿ IaaS
⦿ PaaS
⦿ XaaS


⦿ IaaS
⦿ PaaS
⦿ XaaS

Web apps for healthcare

⦿ Healthcare CRM
⦿ Patient portals
⦿ Telemedicine apps

Analytics web apps

⦿ Business intelligence
⦿ Big data solutions
⦿ Image analysis & AVI
⦿ Risk analytics

Technologies We Use

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